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Phillip’s classic series of work revolves around weaves and braids presented in different combinations and color schemes. He uses resistance method to create sharp distinction betoken colors and layers. This involves carefully masking portions of the substrate, in this case a birch board. He then applies acrylic paint, allows it to dry, then removes the masking. Once the paint is completely set he can repeat the process with different paint on new parts of the surface. It is an exacting process, requiring patience, precision and forethought. Thought often the colors and contours of the design can take unexpected turns while he’s painting. The braids he uses for inspiration come from Norse myth, which entered the story of art history during late antiquity when the Romans began paying attention to the artistic practices of their barbarian conquests. No one really knows how far back northern Europeans used braided rope and knots to convey meaning or even what exactly the meaning was. Some believe it was a meditative process that took the weaver into various transcendental states. In a way, Phillip uses the same introspective qualities to weave his colors and forms. Allowing the thread of paint and color to take each of his pieces deeper into themselves. Phillip Haleen is a life long artist from Ketchum, Idaho, now residing in Portland Oregon. His murals grace many buildings in the Portland area and many more places all over the country.

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