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Jeffrey Boyle is an autodidactic artist. He has read books on composition, landscapes painting, still lifes, and more. He has paid for video lessons from artists and taken advantage of free tutorials and exercises. He is the self-made-man of the new century, making an end-run around the gatekeepers of the art establishment to create an ecosystem of his own imagination. “I have always focused on experimenting with new things, which has helped me improve. I used to paint very detailed but now paint loose and would rather have the illusion of detail and texture in my paintings.” Jeffrey sites the rogue painter Chris Long as his primary inspiration. “His style is similar to where I want to be at.” Jeffrey was born and raised right here in the Pacific Northwest and his subjects stay close to his origins. His fascination for the local geography is evident in everything he does, as is his dedication to improving his craft though trial and error. He spends long periods of time in the wilderness, camping, backpacking, mountain climbing and painting. He translates his own experiences of self-discovery into unique works of art to share with his appreciative fans. Painting with oils en plein air or in the studio, his depictions of natural setting shimmer with vibrancy and bring the beauty of our region into reach of its inhabitants.

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