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Zed’s work embraces informality of form, abstraction though simplification and the intentional accident. Naivist and primitivist, his paintings are characterized by symbols and icons often attenuated to the point of impression and layered under veils of abstract obfuscation. For example, in some of these paintings, you may see a face lurking behind loose applications of paint. Often Zed begins with a portrait, a figure or and animal then obscures these under layers of abstract shapes and outlines. In his early work it was easy to see Zed’s influences, Picaso, Basquiat, and graffiti but as his style has developed the influences have become more of a root language in the visual conversation of his poetic vision. He weaves together these and other references in a colorfully dazzling procession of people, animals, landscapes and situations that tantalize the eye and the mind of his audience. Zed was born and raised in Eugene and currently lives in San Francisco. His work has been represented in Portland at the Red e Café Gallery as well as internationally.

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