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Our mission is to help artists manage their businesses and help businesses succeed through art.

Since 2000 Jeffrey Howard has been helping artists manage their businesses and find ways to sell their work. Jeffrey's goal is to help artists get the tools they need to succeed and live the life they dream of. Jeffrey helps artists from all kinds of backgrounds use technology to stay in touch with their fans. He teaches artists how to manage their finances and plan for the success of their businesses. He creates opportunities for artists to show their work in coffee shops, bars, restaurants and other high traffic businesses, and professional offices, such as PR firms, law firms and doctors offices. He helps artists manage their brands in order to capitalize on their successes. In short, Jeffrey helps artists.

In the service of these goals Jeffrey also provides curatorial help to high traffic businesses by matching original art with spaces that welcome the public. Jeffrey aims to create mutually beneficial relationships between artists and the owners and managers of these businesses.

Jeffrey also helps those who wish to buy and invest in art to connect with the best emerging artist in the Portland area...and beyond.

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