On view now at M.Y. Salon

Through the process of coming into myself in this life, oil painting has been a journey of stories held in color and texture. Each piece captures a moment in time, telling the tale with its expressive abstract forms and undulating layers built up like scars and wrinkles. Each painting is a refraction of my soul, turned out to reflect the beauty and the pain of this world. I used to hide, afraid like the recluse not wanting to be squished by the underside of the boots of a judgmental society. I used to run like the werewolf, tormented by longing for the moons of my planet I was so scared of admitting that I loved, and so incredibly angered by a community who couldn't possibly understand my nature. By day I was blinded by the pale light of feigning what I wanted to be. By night, the darkness of self-loathing consumed my consciousness. I was truly bursting at the seams, until one day I combusted. Flames came roaring out of me as though I was breathed out by a tenacious dragon. All I could see was the way the light bends through the prism, just like a rainbow coming out of a waterfall. Like snow I fell featherly to the ground, calm for the first time. And so I was Aesch, "to live" as I am, no longer hiding; no longer fear. And so I paint the story, in hopes to heal and leave the world inspired.