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Epochal Void 

Head shot - Barce.jpg

The word epochal describes a highly significant and influential moment in time, one capable of ushering in a new age. The void is a space without form. It exists between emptiness and content, a state of pure potential. The name Epochal Void comes from a dream. It is a relationship between time and space that does not identify with a particular gender, race, or socioeconomic class, and thus, may move freely, always in flux, constantly becoming. Epochal Void is a Portland-based visual artist, who specializes in conceptual drawing and printmaking. Preferring water media on paper, as well as collage, textile, and sculpture, EV creates bodies of work which explore concepts of impermanence, betweenness, as well as social & spiritual bondage. The process is a gesture of freedom, of liberation from the constraint of measurement, of definition, of expectation.

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