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The Cherry Blossom Show

4 artists, 4 media, all celebrating the harbinger of spring.


Spring is a time of rejuvenation and renewal in the Pacific Northwest, as we shed the wet chill of winter and burst forth with new life. There is no better embodiment of spring than the cherry blossom, a delicate and ephemeral flower that blooms in resplendent pink, igniting in us the hope of rebirth.


Celebrate the harbinger of spring in art. 


On view through May 1, the Cherry Blossom Show bring together 4 artists of different disciplines to capture the soaring significance of the most electrifying of spring flowers.

Cherry Plum Branches #1 36x12 aluminum W$140 R$245.jpg

Greg Beris has been shooting the region's cherry blossoms for years and turning his photographs into unique objects of art. His technique is inimitable and the result dazzling. Shot against our iconic grey skies and printed on aluminum, you have to see it to really appreciate the extraordinary light and depth Greg brings to his photographs. More about Greg.

JefferyJessica Untitled 24x24 acrylic on canvas.jpg

Jessica Jeffery paints with alacrity and verve that veritably jumps off the canvas. Her impressions of the interplay between pink and grey evokes the calm awe and exuberant hope that mix in our heart when the cherry blossoms awaken. More about Jessica.


Kelly Williams has been a full-time artist and educator for 20 years. She is a TIER instructor for R&F Handmade Paints teaching regularly in her Portland, Oregon studio. She uses multiple media in her painting process. Her large scale encaustic abstracts are deeply layered energetic mark-making and textured expressions of internal emotional mapping.


Hollye Maxwell has two degrees, one in art and architectural history the other in interior design. In addition she has extensive training in the US and Europe in various creative techniques, including watercolor, colored pencil, encaustic, oil painting, architectural drafting, and true fresco. She has even been known to dabble in making her own paints. She is chiefly fascinated by the concept of biophilia - how we are hard-wired to love the natural world. More about Hollye.

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