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Bless Tive

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Bless’ current work is inspired by a 2016 trip to France, where he experienced both the cave paintings at the Caverne du Pont d’Arc and the Picasso Sculpture retrospective at the Picasso Museum. These experiences, coupled with a recurring preoccupation with the grid, have brought renewed desire to Bless’ artistic life. His current work is interested in ways the grid has functioned throughout art history, and explores its aesthetic nature as transparent, reflective, and opaque. The grid’s mythic function as both spiritual totem and emblem of rational order can be seen, as the trajectory of work re-engages these ancient and modern inspirations, layering and torquing them, maintaining balance, and seeking new connections. 

Bless lives in McMinnville Oregon with his wife Hannah and son Leon. Born in Boulder Colorado in 1985, Bless was raised by his Mother and Stepfather in Bellingham, Washington. Bless attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he earned a merit scholarship upon completion of his first year. Bless was a founding member of Alogon Gallery in Chicago. Upon completion of his BFA Bless moved to New York City, where he worked under acclaimed sculptor Tony Matelli before relocating to Oregon.

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