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Jeremy is colorblind, a colorblind artist that uses color to convey spacial and geometrical comparisons and contrasts. A challenge surly, but met with mesmerizing results.


Generally, colorblindness is the result of a handful of genes missing from X chromosomes. Since males have only one X chromosome, if the genes aren’t there, a man is colorblind. As women have two X chromosomes, they’ve got a safety net.


Because of the condition of his chromosomes, colors have always been cryptic to Jeremy. Mixing only makes mysteries, and anything beyond primaries and secondaries is purely theoretical. So he uses math, and geometry to play with color collocation and apposition to produce patterns of baffling color from the certainty of numerical consistency. 


He prefers acrylic medium. It seems slightly more steadfast in its color convictions than watercolor or oil. Thus he can mix paint without needing to reproduce a peculiar pigment if it runs out.


Jeremy is currently teaching English to high school kids in Columbia.

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