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Dagmar Gewiese

 Growing up in the hinterlands of Bavaria, I spend a lot of my childhood with my sisters running barefoot through unspoiled forests picking blueberries and mushroom hunting with the changing seasons. These early experiences sparked a love and curiosity about the beauty and energy of our natural world, and a deep desire to see more of it. As a young adult, my wanderlust took me from Southern Spain to the Middle East and North Africa. Immersing myself in a variety of vibrant cultures dramatically impacted my artwork, which is still influenced by the textiles, patterns, and colours of my Mediterranean travels.

My European education included traditional art training throughout school and I graduated from the Glasfachschule in my home country of Germany. My degree focused on glassworks and painting. Since moving to the United States, I have created many custom works ranging from acrylic paintings on canvas to wall murals along the entire West Coast. Currently, I live in the Pacific Northwest which reminds me of my childhood home. I am a very colour sensitive mixed media artist. Being in nature is essential for me for I believe that it helps me create a constant flow of new positive energy and teaches me how to navigate through life.

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